Experts for your real estate debt investment

Aukera Real Estate is an independent, owner-managed investment boutique. Our team has many years of experience in commercial real estate financing, successfully originating, closing and monitoring transactions, as well as in the structuring of real estate debt funds.

We fully understand in the investment profile and the regulatory requirements in regards to real estate debt investments, for insurance companies and pension funds in particular.



Aukera structures tailored financing solutions both for institutional investors (insurance companies, pension funds, retirement schemes) aiming to invest capital in commercial real estate loans and for real estate investors seeking suitable debt financing for their transaction.

Our focus is on senior secured real estate loans, as well as mezzanine and project financing in continental Europe with a geographical focus on the German-speaking and Benelux regions.

We are your experts for flexible financing solutions with flat hierarchies and the ability to execute transaction swiftly.



Aukera identifies investments according to investor-specific risk-return aspects. In the investment process, commercial real estate loans of various asset and risk classes are analysed and structured under the premise of the greatest possible cash flow stability and capital security.

With us, institutional investors make capital investments in commercial real estate loans via a direct investment with stable cash flows. They benefit within the framework of the debt capital position from an additional risk buffer thanks to the borrower’s equity contribution within the transaction.



In addition to purely economic aspects, the topics of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) are an integral part of Aukera’s corporate strategy and business activities. 
Sustainability aspects are therefore an elementary component in the identification of attractive investment opportunities, in the granting of loans and in the monitoring of the investment over the term of the loan.